“In a time when the world, and South Africa, desperately needs focus on empowering, recog-nising and protecting women, the #GiveHerACrown platform is an ideal and much-needed activism platform which Jaguar is delighted to support.”

“On a global level, Jaguar has undertaken many projects to highlight the roles women play in the automotive value chain – from a lap of honour with female racing driver Aseel Al Hamad to celebrate the lift of the ban on women drivers in Saudi Arabia, to launching campaigns designed to inspire talented female STEM students to further careers in the industry.”

“Here in South Africa Jaguar is active in increasing female representation at all levels of the business and believes that a diverse workforce and different perspectives ensure varied problem solving and creative solutions. From trainee technicians, to retailer management roles, to business executives, Jaguar and sister brand Land Rover embrace women and the ideas they offer in a traditionally male-dominated status quo.”

“Jaguar and #GiveHerACrown share an ethos of empowering women as well as celebrating their fearless spirits. I speak on behalf of the brand when I say we look forward to the positive impact this platform creates, and are honoured to play a part.”

Irene Kakooza
Experiential Manager, Jaguar Land Rover South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa 

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