Brands really have the power to use their influence, creativity and resources to positively impact society. As the pressure increases from organisations, civil society and government to find and implement solutions around gender-based violence, corporate South Africa needs support these initiatives and live these values.

Jaguar believes in the power of innovation and creativity, not only when pioneering products but as a way so solve society’s biggest issues such as gender-based violence. That’s why we are delighted to grow our partnership with #GiveHerACrown in 2021, as we continue to use the arts and creativity to connect, inspire and empower women throughout South Africa.

Jaguar’s ambition to lead with purpose is exemplified in its strategy to be a fully-electric luxury brand by 2025 and its plan to put sustainability at the centre of everything it does. The next generation of Jaguars will be more environmentally responsible, and the brand will become a more agile business with greater flexibility and empowerment of its people. To us, that gives purpose to the concept of ‘power’ aligning well to the Jaguar and 2021 #GiveHerACrown positioning statement: “We’ve got the power”.

In the context of female empowerment, it speaks to ‘doing good with your power’, ‘doing it collaboratively’ and ‘in a way that empowers others’.

The 2020 Crown Collection successfully raised funding for an innovative Schools’ Education campaign that uses the arts to empower learners on issues of gender equality. With the 2021 Crown Collection, we look forward to awarding the Crown Bursary Fund that will empower a select number of female creatives and further their education in this sector.

“The partnership is a continuation of our many female empowerment projects, both locally and globally, that celebrate, value and empower women who fearlessly drive progress in the automotive industry. As women continue to climb the ranks across so many different industries including my own, let’s set a goal to never stop helping one another grow! If we all stand together, we could, and we should, see results,” says Irene Kakooza, Experience Manager, Jaguar Land Rover South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa.

Irene Kakooza
Experiential Manager, Jaguar Land Rover South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa 

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